Many thanks to the kind people at Kaleiodscope for their excellent diff/merge tool.

The UI is excellent – very logical and helpful.  I was able to resolve the changes between two directories very easily and – before I found Kaleidoscope – doing a diff between the contents of two directories did not appear that straightforward.

The answer on Stack Overflow results in a long file consisting sequentially of all the diffs between each file within that directory.

diff -ENwbur dir1/ dir2/ > dir1_dir2.dff

This can be rather long to sort through (another reason to use some sort of version control).

What Kaleidoscope allows you to do is first diff the directories themselves, so as to list which files differ, and then it’s simple to click on a file, which leads through to a diff between the two versions.

This makes diff/merge tools complete and really intuitive. I find myself wondering how it’ll do when I have to do another 3-way merge (I almost said I was looking forward to resolving svn conflicts…)


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