Jupyter notebook, Emacs/iPython and Vim/iPython integration

  • This link on how to spawn a qtconsole session from a Jupyter notebook. Awesome.
  • This link on collapsible headings in Jupyter notebook, also my post on Twitter (after multiple failed attempts using a rainbow colorscheme for my plots)
  • Emacs hosts EIN with orgmode integration here
  • John Kitchin has provided the unbelievably excellent Scimax for emacs, with a lot of ideas of using orgmode for capturing and reproducing research.  See also his ideas on exporting from orgmode to Jupyter
  • There’s also ob-ipython for working with ipython sessions within orgmode.  Note this is already in the process of moving to ob-jupyter.
    • Incidentally, this is a consistent problem with the emacs-package approach in research – the packages move on quickly and often break backwards compatibility (for instance, updates to read-input (changed to read-string) have broken this piece of code from 2015!)emacs-wtf
    • I also had beamer export from orgmode break sometime between 2012 and 2014, which broke export to PDF.
  • I’m quite happy with dragging-and-dropping images into org mode thanks to this piece of elisp, again from John Kitchin, which works well (better than than org-download, which fails silently).
  • For working remotely, always a good idea to avoid transferring data around unnecessarily, I really admire vim-cell-mode which sends delimited cells to an iPython session within tmux: add
    • let g:cellmode_tmux_windowname='ipy' to vimrc
    • rename tmux pane containing ipython session with Prefix-, to ipy
    • delimit cell to execute above and below  with ##
    • press C-g
  • Probably worth modifying tmux.conf to use default windows, or perhaps try using tmuxp – will have to wait for tmux to be upgraded on Jasmin (a common problem, still at 1.6)
  • There’s also Vimux for passing commands to other Tmux panes. Works excellently.