Keyboard Maestro

Big fan of @keyboardmaestro.  Some (cash) investment required but I can use it for all sorts of things most of which I could think about a bit harder but which currently fulfil a particular need, for example,

  • Keynote + Logitech presenter (which works OK on Powerpoint but emulates the wrong keys for Keynote) so ‘b’ can be remapped to blank screen if required (after the presentation is prepared, I’d suggest)
  • Emacs keybindings, which I realise I could just do in .emacs.d/settings/keys.el but I’m lazy.
  • Tmux – if you want to use the § key for the prefix, this won’t, as far as I can tell, work in iTerm.  So just set § to emulate C-a in iTerm?
  • Repetitive workflows in Word (in this case, formatting the selected text to ‘Normal’ or formatting pictures)
  • Global Finder hotkeys – Ctrl-Command-H takes me to my projects workspace, for instance
  • New Chrome tab? – Ctrl-Command-T from anywhere, including launching the app if not already live

It has a nice easy learning curve and the support is excellent.