Installing UVCDAT on OSX 10.10.1

is a royal pita and has been giving me grief – I suspected that the precombiled binary tarball would not work, but found out that I was wrong.

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Easiest way to get X11 apps to open in correct place?

I thought of three possible fixes for X11 apps opening off the screen over the course of the afternoon:

  • install a window manager and let that handle things. Thus, I tried fvwm (missing dependency, fail), twm (missing dependency, ditto) and dwm (in Homebrew, installs fine but is a tiling wm so not as easy a fix as I hoped)
  • using Xdefaults or Xresources, but was unable to get either of them to work, as I suspect they are not respected by XQuartz.
  • Install wmctrl via Homebrew and then use wmctrl -r "umui" -e 0,60,60,900,600 as an application in the X11 menu.  This worked best

so now Command-D fetches the window, which has opened with its title bar and buttons off the screen, back onto the desktop, resizes and positions it correctly.  Much better.